Stock and Stone Farm produce is back!

(image courtesy of great local magazine Fresh Dirt Ithaca)

Chaw Chang, Lucy Garrison-Clauson, Greta, Ezra, and baby Rhoda farm just 100 yards from Regional Access 4.5 miles outside of Ithaca, NY. They grow a wide range of vegetables, including lettuce, cooking greens, summer and winter squash, heirloom tomatoes, beets and spinach. Their produce can also be found at the Ithaca Farmers Market, Greenstar, Wegmans, at local restaurants and on the Seneca & Cayuga Wine Trail.

Produce supplies are limited and are sold on a first come first served basis. You can ask to receive weekly emails detailing that weeks offerings. Our farming partners all practice sustainable, chemical-free agriculture; some are certified organic.

For more information about fresh produce, contact Mark Baumann via email.

This is what Stick and Stone has this week! Order by emailing jesse@regionalaccess.net by 5pm on 07/11/14.

Item Pack Size Price Available
Basil 3# $30.00 5
Chard, Rainbow 24ct $28.50 10
Kale, Curly Green 24ct $30.00 10
Scallions 30ct $40.00 10

Visit Emmy’s Organics at the Fancy Food Show

And get 15% off their original macaroons and new Super Cereal all month from Regional Access!

Come See Us at Booth #4731

It is our second Fancy Food Show! We are very excited. We are in the downstairs, main hall in the New York State Pavilion this year with a fancier set-up and some new products! Come by and try our new macaroon flavor, our mini macaroons and our brand new line of Super Cereals. Hope to see you there. Thank you, as always, for your amazing support!

Ian and Samantha

Have you tried their new macaroon Minis? They come in larger bag for a weeks worth of snacking delight. Higher dollar ring for you, and a lower per unit cost to your customers. Ask for a sample today!


Come Travel the Milky Way

We got a note from the Watershed Agricultural Council this morning reminding us of a great way to celebrate the 4th by experiencing one of the things that made America great: local agriculture and family farms! USA_flag

Hi all—

I wanted to send a quick note to let you know about an upcoming event, a one day tour of farmstead creameries in the Catskills, the Milky Way Tour. Details below and attached! Please spread the word to any appropriate beginning farmer networks, community groups and/or farm fresh dairy lovers.

Date: Friday, July 4th

Time: Noon- 5 PM

More Info: http://www.catskillsfamilycreameries.com/

Happy summer to all!

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June Promotions and New Products

All sale prices valid for orders placed 05/30/14 to 06/27/14.

June Promotions and New Products from RA (low res)

We are pleased to be the first distributor for Betty Acres Farms. We have their fresh spreadable cheese available now, and we are pre-booking her fall production of two unique and amazing tasting hard cheeses, “Delchego” and “St. Placide”. Each 5oz tub of the soft cheese has a top label, side label, and a UPC for easy retail sales and great shelf appeal. And let the Modern Milkmaid Aissa O’Neil tell you about  the rest:

Betty Acres Farm is a farmstead dairy and creamery producing both fresh and aged cow’s cheese. The creation of innovative New World cheeses is second only to our desire to keep small sustainable dairies alive. Get to know your farmer and where your food comes from. Support women farmers, we have always been there but it is time we get credit.

Betty Acres 2 Page Breakout

Much ado about The Piggery, and as far as we are concerned every bit is justified! Brad and Heather continue to scale up production in their Ithaca, NY butcher shop, and we have a few new cuts coming on including 3 pork chop options,and a secret limited supply cut that you will have to ask your sales rep about. Hint: if pigs only have 2 per animal, truly small batch whole animal processing means there are only so many to go around!

We also have what can only be described as a rocking discount on Crooked Carrot. Silas and the CC team have both lowered the list price, and started doing 15% off quarterly promos. Crooked Carrot had a chance to go out and meet a bunch of you who have ordered since launch, and do some demos. they would love to do more! Just ask, and they will be in your store talking up their ra live culture pickles made from NOFA-NY Farmer’s Pledge and organic vegetables from small scale, sustainably- minded farms.

June Promotions and New Products from RA (low res)

Spread Food. Work with Regional Access.

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A new recipe from the Iroquois White Corn Project

We hope our customers have had a chance to stock and try the heirloom corn from the Iroquois White Corn Project in Ganondagan, NY. Check out the full recipe after the jump!

I wanted to share this wonderful new granola bar recipe with you.

Our project manager, Kim Morf worked with a chef in Canada coming up with new recipes for the white corn. The granola bar recipe is delicious. She made them two ways. One with goji berries and the other with chocolate chips and peanut butter. It’s super easy to make and a great snack for summer, outdoor activities.

Meg Joseph, Executive Director

Friends of Ganondagan

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