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Get Aqua Vitea Kombucha for $29.88/cs!

Special offer valid though the rest of the year! Our friends at Aqua Vitea Kombucha want to really crank up the volume on your bottle sales for the rest of 2017. We are tag-teaming a promotion for you to make it happen. Whats the deal? Sell at 2/$7 pricing to […]

A November Sale on Walling’s Maple Syrup

It certainly seemed like fall today, the leaves are swirling and we are about to hit a 4 month cold “snap”. And it’s definitely the time of year that maple syrup sells best! Our maple syrup supplier is Walling’s; a certified organic, family owned and operated maple syrup business. Walling’s […]

Place your Regional order online? It’s time.

Click here to answer a short 6 question survey and help determine what our new customer ​portal ​and ordering system looks like. With our ever-changing mix of stock, fresh, made to order, and “can’t find it anywhere else” items that customers rely on us for, revamping our ordering system has […]

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What can Regional do for you?

Food Distribution

Regional Access was started on a vision of providing better food to the widest possible audience. From our humble beginnings in founder Gary Redmond's garage to our current distribution footprint across New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts our heart still beats the same... with love for our customers and our purveyors!

Food Freight

We are proud to be a trusted partner for dozens of producers to get their food to market. Whether you are making yogurt, harvesting vegetables, raising cows, growing grain or doing anything in between our trucks will serve you with competitive rates on dry, refrigerated, and frozen freight services.

Wine Freight

Are you an importer trying to reach upstate New York? A winery in the Finger Lakes? An artisan working on making the next great New York bourbon? Call us. We do everything from delivering cases to your favorite liquor store to delivering full pallets to New Jersey warehouses that are bound for all 50 states (and beyond).

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