DF Mavens, the new standard for vegan ice cream

Despite working in an office of unabashed dairy fans I must say these samples disappeared faster than any in recent memory. And if you try one you will understand why. DF Mavens is making over a dozen flavors in three key categories: almond, coconut, and soy. Every flavor has been designed to complement and enhance the taste of the selected base. If you pick coconut for example you can get a sparklingly tart key lime graham cracker recipe, sweet and silky Alphonso mango, or a magnificent rich dark Venezuelan chocolate.

Each case is only $36 list, and you will make at 37% gross margin on a retail shelf. And all you have to do to get a discount is put multiple SKU’s on your shelf and ask your sales rep.

Download the full list of offerings via Regional Access here. 


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September Promotions and New Products

Hello from Ithaca!

September Promotions and New Products, web version

It has been an up and down summer for local growers as the beets are going gangbusters while our backyard tomatoes seem to be dropping dejectedly to the ground long before they become ripe. Thankfully the NYS grown organic tomatoes you see above were photographed as they came through our warehouse just last week and can still be had via our produce partners. And we’ve heard more than a few Finger Lakes vacations have been waylaid by unseasonably cool weather. No matter we say… the good food must roll on and our burgeoning micro distillery scene has plenty of indoor seating for those cloudy Saturdays when you don’t feel like a fine Riesling.

And as far as not giving up on Summer yet… We are launching a new vegan cream from DF Mavens and have continued to roll out the amazing Blue Hill yogurt too. You can click the link below to read all about these great new items and more in our monthly PDF below. We will talk to you soon.

– The Crew at Regional Access

September Promotions and New Products, web version


Blue Hill yogurt has arrived at Regional Access

Blue Hill Yogurt, Full Line Feature

This is one you really do have to try… The premium yogurt category has been doing well in retail for awhile but this one still manages to raise the bar. It hits every single point you would want in a high quality unique local product: 100% grassfed milk, live cultures, flavor and nutrient packed veggies, terrific packaging , and a company with a great reputation and mission to boot. If you need a sample let us know, otherwise just pick some flavors and get them on your shelf ASAP. The Blue Hill website has DOZENS of amazing recipe ideas, videos, and pictures to get you excited and inspired.

Blue Hill has dairy in its roots. Blue Hill Farm—our family farm in the Berkshires, and the original inspiration for our Blue Hill restaurant in New York City and Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY—was a working dairy from the 1860s through the 1960s. Three decades later, we refurbished the farm and brought the dairy back to life. The story of Blue Hill Farm is in many ways the story of the Blue Hill restaurants: sustaining the iconic landscape of the Northeast in pursuit of great flavor. And now Blue Hill Yogurt is a natural extension of the same idea: supporting farms that raise dairy cows in the best possible way and using their well-pastured grass-fed milk; sourcing delicious, local vegetables from neighbors in the region; and preserving a dairy tradition that connects our family, Blue Hill, and the Northeast. This is what it means to “know thy farmer”. We hope you enjoy this taste of Blue Hill.


August New Products and Promotions

All sale prices valid for orders placed 07/31/14 to 08/31/14.

August Promotions and New Products PDF

After a month of quiet we are excited to resume talking to all our great customers about whats on deck for August.

On the new product front we are delighted to finally be distributing Finger Lakes Grapeseed Oil. Its a terrific product that really demonstrates the innovation that is still driving our local producers. With all that wine being produced, its great to see the normally wasted seeds being turned into a delicious product that grows the Finger Lakes brand even more. We live here, we love it!

On the sales front we are doing a nice discount on the Tortilleria Nixtamal tortillas in both the 1# retail ready packages, and the 5# for food service. They are a product thats in EVERY Regional employees fridge for a reason. The 1# retail now come in a resealable package too. And also check out what will be a regular focus for us: meat and cheese from local producers and internationally regarded specialty producers as well. This month, its new fresh cuts from our local heroes The Piggery and cured meat from the renowned Olli Sallumeria.

And as far as whats coming soon… Does the name “Blue Hill” ring a bell? We thought so. Their unique vegetable yogurts will be out later this month and we will finally have a vegan ice cream too from DF Maven’s. Summers not over yet, and we can’t wait for the coconut, almond, and soy recipes the wizards at DF Mavens have come up with.

We will talk to you soon.

- The Crew at Regional Access

lr run event

A French Summer Day at Lively Run Goat Dairy

We have been loving the new cheese creations from Lively Run: the Finger Lakes Gold Aged Goat Cheese, the Blue Yonder Aged Cows Milk Blue Cheese, and the Lake Effect Cheddar too! Now is your chance to really immerse yourself in local food systems and meet our friends and neighbors at Lively Run. And east some cheese while you are at it. Whats not to love? Take a picture of yourself at the event, and send it to sales@regionalaccess.net for 10% off your next order of Lively Run cheese.

Une Escapade à la Campagne – A French Summer Day at Lively Run Dairy !

Lively Run Dairy celebrates French culture! Families will come to the farm to eat delicious French-inspired food and participate in French activities on a beautiful summer day.

Lively Run will be providing French food and beverages including sweet & savory crêpes made with Lively Run cheese, Charcuterie boards featuring Lively Run cheese and local Finger Lakes meats, wine from Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery, cheesecake made with Lively Run cheese, a French non-alcoholic bubbly apple cider beverage, coffee and tea.

Activities will include: French education about language and culture, French trivia, kids games, cheese tastings, and “Meet the Cheese maker” tours.

Check out their Facebook page, FB/livelyrundairy, and their website, www.livelyrun.com/events, for more information and pre-event contests.