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Thanksgiving turkeys from Good Life Farm

For the first time Regional Access is pleased to be offering pastured organic turkeys from the Good Life Farm for the 2014 Holiday season. Let Melissa from The Good Life Farm tell you what makes these turkeys better than any other:

Turkeys… at the Good Life, we believe in 100% organic feed, constant pasture rotation and happy, healthy animals. All animals and plants work together at our farm, and the turkeys carry this to the extreme- they tend the young orchard trees, fall-fertilize both trees and asparagus, and bring their unique liveliness to the farm every day. We stand for small farms, humane animal husbandry and organic, ecological agriculture, and we believe our turkeys really show this to best effect!

If you have any questions you can call Anna at 607-319-5150 extension #14 or email her at Order Monday for same week delivery from now through Christmas. Turkeys will ship frozen to ensure shelf life.

Turks and Kids, Sept.



Stonewood Farm Turkey Orders 2014

It’s turkey time…

Regional Access will again be offering our favorite Stonewood Farm turkeys for 2014. We have
simplified the pricing tiers and instituted an order minimum of 6 turkeys. Ask your sales rep for free posters and pamphlets from Stonewood Farms to display in your store now.

Click below for an online ordering form and pricing details!

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potaot soup

October Promotions and New Products

Hello from Ithaca!

October Promotions and New Products, low res

Fall is here no doubt about it. One night recently dipped all the way to 34 degrees and sent the geese aloft and the squirrels racing about with a new found sense of urgency. A wonderful stretch of mid 70’s days and sunshine since has not kept us from thinking soups and cider. The potato soup above has heavy cream from Pittsford Farms Dairy and a touch of smoked gouda from Jakes Gouda to turn an everyday crockpot event into the divine.

Red Jacket Orchards  has been harvesting their NY grown apples as fast as they can and are ready with seasonal discounts in hand. If you prefer to simmer on the spot, ask your sales rep for 1# of mulling spices from Frontier to get you through the winter.

On the new product front… We are added a gluten free rice pasta from the Italian producer Riso de Pasta. There are so many certifications on the bag, from Kosher to Organic to Non-GMO Project Verified you just might have to learn Italian to catch them all. We picked up their 4 bestselling SKU’s for you to try.

And there is only a one page reminder included but Turkey Season is upon us… Order forms will be available in the next couple of days but we have posted pricing and order deadlines from our long time partners at Stonewood Farm for you to consider in the meantime. And don’t worry we will do email reminders over the next few weeks too.

As for the rest click below to check it out for yourself.

October Promotions and New Products, low res

- The Crew at Regional Access


17th Century Suds has new packaging!

Current Ithaca Soap/17th Century Suds Offerings PDF

Wendy and Andy have been refining their craft for years and have established a loyal customer base of consumers who pay just as much attention to what they put on their skin as the do in their body. Regional Access have carried various SKU’s for years and are finally offering their lip balm and a wider range of scents and sizes on the classic soap bars. If you want to carry any of their products not listed in the PDF above make sure you let your sales rep know and we can get it in for you.

Ithaca Soap uses only organic and natural ingredients; certified
organic coconut oil, locally grown certified organic sunflower
oil, and 100% water processed essential oils. They do not use
parabens, sodium laurel/laureth sulfate, alcohols or extracts,
hydrogenated, bleached or synthetic vegetable oils, artificial
fragrances or colorings, mineral colors or phthalates. Our body
care conditions your skin, hair and lips to be soft, smooth and
glow with it’s own natural beauty.

Unsurpassed quality and ingredient transparency from your hometown soapery.



DF Mavens, the new standard for vegan ice cream

Despite working in an office of unabashed dairy fans I must say these samples disappeared faster than any in recent memory. And if you try one you will understand why. DF Mavens is making over a dozen flavors in three key categories: almond, coconut, and soy. Every flavor has been designed to complement and enhance the taste of the selected base. If you pick coconut for example you can get a sparklingly tart key lime graham cracker recipe, sweet and silky Alphonso mango, or a magnificent rich dark Venezuelan chocolate.

Each case is only $36 list, and you will make at 37% gross margin on a retail shelf. And all you have to do to get a discount is put multiple SKU’s on your shelf and ask your sales rep.

Download the full list of offerings via Regional Access here.