A 10% off code on a Long Island tradition

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Mention the code below to your sales rep (via email, phone, or fax) and get an additional discount off a case of either whole Crescent Ducks or Crescent Duck breasts. Valid for all orders placed from 03/20/14 to 03/26/14


Duck Breast, B/O Long Island, CASE 24/~13oz.
Code# CD510
Regular price is $9.99/lb and it’s only $8.99/lb with the special promo code.

A premium value-added item, this breast is totally skinless, boneless, fat-free and vacuum-packed. Crescent ducks are fed a nutritionally enhanced diet consisting of corn, soybean meal and wheat. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are used to enrich the diets. Hormones and antibiotics are never used.

Duck, Whole FRESH Long Island   6/~5.5#
Code# CD500
Regular price is $3.29/lb and it’s only $2.96/lb with the special promo code.

Crescent Duck products are produced with the highest quality and control. Their USDA Grade A White Pekin duck is guaranteed fresh! One of the great benefits of whole duck is that you can use everything! Breasts make great entrees; legs make great appetizers. The fat is great for poaching fish, sauteing or for vinaigrette’s. And, the bones make great sauces.