A French Summer Day at Lively Run Goat Dairy

We have been loving the new cheese creations from Lively Run: the Finger Lakes Gold Aged Goat Cheese, the Blue Yonder Aged Cows Milk Blue Cheese, and the Lake Effect Cheddar too! Now is your chance to really immerse yourself in local food systems and meet our friends and neighbors at Lively Run. And east some cheese while you are at it. Whats not to love? Take a picture of yourself at the event, and send it to sales@regionalaccess.net for 10% off your next order of Lively Run cheese.

Une Escapade à la Campagne – A French Summer Day at Lively Run Dairy !

Lively Run Dairy celebrates French culture! Families will come to the farm to eat delicious French-inspired food and participate in French activities on a beautiful summer day.

Lively Run will be providing French food and beverages including sweet & savory crêpes made with Lively Run cheese, Charcuterie boards featuring Lively Run cheese and local Finger Lakes meats, wine from Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery, cheesecake made with Lively Run cheese, a French non-alcoholic bubbly apple cider beverage, coffee and tea.

Activities will include: French education about language and culture, French trivia, kids games, cheese tastings, and “Meet the Cheese maker” tours.

Check out their Facebook page, FB/livelyrundairy, and their website, www.livelyrun.com/events, for more information and pre-event contests.

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