August 2016 New Products and Promotions

Hello from Ithaca! It would normally be hard to stay inspired in 90 degree heat for weeks at a time, but if we ever have trouble we go for a walk in our warehouse and find something amazing to eat. That is one of the luxuries of working for a quality obsessed distributor of great food. One of the things we found on our walks this month was pallets of olives and olive oil. And as usual, Ithaca resident Demosthenis “Demos” Chronis was among the pallets picking out a few items from his families orchard for a Finger Lakes food event. What better way to remind our customers of the specialty foods we offer than olive oil? Maybe if this heat continues olives will be growing in upstate New York before long, but for now we rely on an array of long time partners like Demos and his Olea Estates orchards to bring great products and competitive pricing straight to our customers.

See what else inspired us this month by clicking the link below.

August 2016 New Products and Promotion, web version

– The Team at Regional Access


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Jesse Wysong

Jesse Wysong

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