August New Products and Promotions

All sale prices valid for orders placed 07/31/14 to 08/31/14.

August Promotions and New Products PDF

After a month of quiet we are excited to resume talking to all our great customers about whats on deck for August.

On the new product front we are delighted to finally be distributing Finger Lakes Grapeseed Oil. Its a terrific product that really demonstrates the innovation that is still driving our local producers. With all that wine being produced, its great to see the normally wasted seeds being turned into a delicious product that grows the Finger Lakes brand even more. We live here, we love it!

On the sales front we are doing a nice discount on the Tortilleria Nixtamal tortillas in both the 1# retail ready packages, and the 5# for food service. They are a product thats in EVERY Regional employees fridge for a reason. The 1# retail now come in a resealable package too. And also check out what will be a regular focus for us: meat and cheese from local producers and internationally regarded specialty producers as well. This month, its new fresh cuts from our local heroes The Piggery and cured meat from the renowned Olli Sallumeria.

And as far as whats coming soon… Does the name “Blue Hill” ring a bell? We thought so. Their unique vegetable yogurts will be out later this month and we will finally have a vegan ice cream too from DF Maven’s. Summers not over yet, and we can’t wait for the coconut, almond, and soy recipes the wizards at DF Mavens have come up with.

We will talk to you soon.

– The Crew at Regional Access

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