Betty Acres Farm takes Medal at ACS

Big shout out to our supplier Aissa O’neill from Betty Acres Farm! She went up against much larger cheese houses and came home with a second place in the fresh unripened cow’s milk cheese category from the American Cheese Society. You can read about all her great cheese offerings here, and place your order with Regional Access today.

“Is that butter?” We get that from a lot of folks when they first see our Modern Milkmaid Fresh Cheeses. Our fresh cheeses are the end result of our select herd of Jersey and Guernsey cows be on a diet that is 95 percent grass based. Jersey and Guernsey cows are known for their excellent protein and butterfat conversion of a grass based diet, the Guerneys add an extra benefit by being the highest beta carotene producers giving their milk an extra golden guernsey quality. “Well if it is not butter it must be fattening?” Our fresh cheeses are made from the whole milk of our cows. Nothing more. Nothing less. We never use any emulsifiers or stretchers, such as Guam,or added cream, just low heat pasteurized milk, sea salt, spices, natural cultures and vegetarian rennet. Our’s is not a cheese spread but a 100 percent cheese with buttery spreadable qualities. Like our sister goat cheese, chèvre, Modern Milkmaid Fresh Cow Cheese is slightly crumbly when it first leaves a cold refrigerator. Perfect on salads right away. For a more creamy, buttery texture on bread, crackers, fruit, or crudites allow cheese to warm to room temperature. Busy and impatient,l ike a dairy farmer, toast your baguette or bagel and spread directly from the fridge for instant yumminess.

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