Black Pearl Creamery sheep’s milk yogurt

Shhh…. We have limited supplies through late October on Trumansburg’s own Black Pearl Creamery sheep’s milk yogurt in GLASS JARS. Absolutely beautifully pre-printed and reusable glass jars with logo and artwork by Q. Casseti. You may know “Q.” from logos she has done for The Piggery, Stonecat Cafe, Wide Awake Bakery, Good Life Farm, the 2014 annual Valentine’s day stamp from the US Post Office (and so much more over her multi decade career). Oh and the yogurt!? SO GOOD.

Black Pearl Creamery is a small sheep dairy located in Trumansburg, NY. We raise our East Friesian sheep with great care and affection to ensure the health and happiness of our animals and their production of fresh, high quality milk. The flock is fed only pasture, hay, and a treat of alfalfa and local sunflower seeds in the milking parlor. Our ewes produce a rich, creamy milk, which we process by hand in small batches into an incredible yogurt that we think you will love.

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Jesse Wysong

Jesse Wysong

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