An important message from our friends at Cayuga Pure Organics to their NYC customers!


At Cayuga Pure Organics, our mission has always been simple: wholesome foods grown organically in upstate New York, direct from the farm to you. By distributing our own sustainably raised products in New York City, we have made a direct connection between farm and consumer that is unique and valuable to the New York foodshed. We place a high value on the personal connections that we have been able to build  with you, our customers, and on the trust you have placed in us to provide the highest quality beans, grains and flour available.  Our goal is to maintain these personal relationships and the quality of our products, while making some necessary changes in how these products get delivered to you. 

We have reached the point where it is no longer possible for us, a fairly small upstate farm,  to distribute our products to our growing customer base.  We are fortunate, however, to have a strong relationship with Regional Access, our neighbor in Ithaca who has been our vital transportation link to the city since we began. The parallels in our missions and stories of origin are striking: starting in 1989 as a do-it-yourself operation with a visionary idea, Regional Access has created a dynamic network connecting the best organic and artisan food producers in New York State and the Northeast with people who love them. This is a particular moment where the needs and goals of each company work together .  Just as we need to cut back on distributing, Regional Access is in the process of creating a wider distribution presence in New York City, the result  of something that has been a long-term goal and something that they have worked hard to get firmly established.  Regional Access has become a master of the fine art of building logistical solutions and smoothing out the complexities of distribution.

Regional is a small company with a focus on distributing local products from upstate New York and nearby areas.  So for us, this almost seems like a match made in heaven.  We are currently transitioning  our distribution operations over to Regional Access and will soon be working together out of a shared facility in Williamsburg. In the meantime, Regional Access has embraced the challenge of operating a citywide distribution network from their home base in Ithaca, and they are committed to maintaining the same level of service that you have come to expect from Cayuga Pure Organics.

We hope you will avail yourself to their extensive catalog of high quality local and regional products as well. We at CPO have a strong commitment to the values underlying the organic standards. Although Regional does sell both organic and conventional products, they take their role very seriously of providing high quality products from sources they trust.  We believe you will find many items that will complement our amazing beans, grains and flours, and help round out your dedication to sourcing local, sustainable foods (Not to mention world-class Finger Lakes wines).

Even though we ask you to place future orders with Regional Access, we also want you to know that we are not abandoning our commitment to NY.  We will be at Greenmarkets (Union Square, Greenpoint, and Grand Army Plaza) on Saturdays and also plan to continue our commitment to be part of the local food movement in NYC and to participate in local events supporting this movement.

Although we are asking you to place future orders with Regional Access, we do want to stay in touch.  Please feel free to contact us at any time and if, for any reason, you have any concerns, please let us know.  Even though our means of distribution is changing, our dedication to serving our customers has not changed.

-Feel free to contact Shamus Clancey or Amy Martin at the farm at 607-793-0085 or email us at (Shamus) and (Amy).

We are hoping for a smooth transition and any order you’ve placed via email and or phone will be delivered by Regional this week.

If you have a Saturday or Sunday market pickup this week, WE WILL NOT BE AT THE MARKETS THIS WEEK.  We will return to Saturday markets beginning March 3rd.

-A Regional Access Representative will be contacting you shortly to go over all of your needs.  If you need immediate assistance, please call Regional at 607-319-5150 option 5 or email them at  They are very happy to assist you as they are flexible and deliver multiple days per week in the city.




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