If you have questions or need assistance, simply give us a call between 9am-5pm on weekdays at (607) 319-5150  and dial your preferred extension. You can send faxes to (607) 319-5156. If you want to know how to reach certain employees via email or are are calling after business hours and want to leave a voicemail, refer to the guide below.

Dana Stafford or extension #19

Financial Director and Human Resources
Adrienne Stearns or extension #13

Accounts Receivable
Chris Rusin or extension #16

Operations Manager
Asa Redmond or extension #20

Purchasing Manager
Chris Predmore or extension #24

Produce Manager

Mark Baumann or extension #37

Traffic and Freight Manager

Nick Gardner or extension #21


Sales and Customer Service

Anna Redmond or extension #14
Ellen Stechman or extension #10
Melissa Swanhart or extension #11
Rob Farrell or 607-339-9970
Sean Waters or extension #32