If you have questions or need assistance from our sales team give us a call at 607.319.5150. You can send faxes to 607.319.5156. If you want to know to reach a specific employee refer to the guide below.

Dana Stafford

Financial Director and Human Resources
Anna Redmond or 607.442.4144
Accounting Assistant
Michelle Bacik or 607.442.4163
Fleet Mechanic
James Simkin or 518.788.4408 (cell)
Traffic Safety and Compliance
Zach Thomas or 607.442.4165
Operations Manager
Asa Redmond or 607.442.4145
Purchasing Lead
Chris Predmore or 607.442.4147
Farm Sourcing Lead
Joe Cronk or 607.442.4152
Produce Manager/Operations
Mark Baumann or 607.442.4158
Sales and Customer Service
Avi Miner or 607.442.4146
Dan Lashkoff or 607.442.4148
Ellen Stechman or 607.442.4150
Rob Farrell or 607.442.4164
Communications and IT
Jesse Wysong or 607.442.4151