Special Discount Code for Kriemhild Butter

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Mention the code below to your sales rep (via email, phone, or fax) and get a discount on this week’s order of great NYS made butter. With this special code you can get 10% off our list price on every SKU listed below. Valid for all orders placed though 11/15/13.


(KH515) Butter Rolls, Grass Fed NYS, Unsalted   7/~1#   $4.59/lb list price.

(KH510) Butter Rolls, Grass Fed NYS, Salted   7/~1#   $4.59/lb list price.

(KH200) Butter, Grass Fed NYS, Unsalted   60#  $255.00 list price.



Kriemhild Dairy Farms comes from the name of the original Holstein herd of
holstein-friesian cattle that were born, raised and registered in the United
States. Bruce and Nancy Rivington, along with their family, own and operate
Red Gate Farm, which is located in the southern hills of Madison County. The
colorful herd of Ayrshire and cross bred cows calve seasonally each spring
so that they give most of their delicious milk while receiving fresh grass twice
daily during the growing season. The Rivington family’s passion for grazing is
evident throughout the hill and valley fields of their beautiful farm.