Four for February Deals

Four for February

Quick hit of big discounts on multi SKU buys from Regional Access.

  1. Bucherondin… We LOVE this goat cheese so we lowered our list price a few bucks AND are offering $20 off a case as long as you buy another imported cheese on the same order. Manchego, Brie, whatever you desire. You are already buying imported cheese from us, why not tack on a bucherondin at a huge discount while you are at it.
  2. Just in time for Valentines Day… Emmy’s bright red  macaroon gift boxes! You can get 20% off as many of them as you like as long as you buy a case of their new “Big Bag” macaroons. They are the same format everyone loves but they come in a more economical 6oz package for your snacking pleasure.
  3. Brooklyn Brine is lowering their pricing so we have new lower list prices on all their most popular items. And hey if you buy 2cs of any SKU you can buy the best selling NYC Deli pickles at $20 off per case.
  4.  To get you excited about an upcoming Piggery sausage release (did someone say whiskey-apple-onion? oh my!) we are offering 20% off their all time favorite T-Burg Grillers with the purchase of two fresh SKU’s. What are fresh SKU’s you might ask? Well they are they fresh cuts you can’t find with other distributors! Fresh pork chops, beautiful pork shoulders, boneless loins, and so much more.

On all these items please ask your sales rep for details. Its a bit of a non-traditional promo for us, but hey our customers have never been bound to tradition in their restaurants or stores and your relentless innovation on the shelf and on the plate is why we love you.


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Jesse Wysong

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