What makes our new egg offering better than the rest

  1. Pastured, not just cage free. These hens are outside foraging and scratching across 5 full acres as chickens were meant to.
  2. Their feed is free of GMO’s, hormones and synthetics. Just organic grain!
  3. The King family takes pride in their farming. Each day they hand gather, sort and grade the 100% organic eggs.
  4. Great pricing to you from the farmer and Regional Access. $54 for 15 dozen large or extra large eggs. And just $36 for 15 dozen medium eggs.

Hidden Camp Farm was founded by the King Family on 140 acres in the spring of 2009 over in Canojaharie, NY. The Kings had a dairy barn built and brought certified organic Jersey cows to the farm. All the milk is sent to the Maple Hill Creamery to make 100% grass fed organic yogurt (also available through Regional Access!). In the spring of 2011 the Kings added another barn to the farm this time for 5,000 free range organic laying hens. Hidden Camp farms, your Local Yolk.

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Jesse Wysong

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