Holiday 2016 New Products and Promotions

All promotional offers are valid for orders placed through 12/30/16

Hello from Ithaca! Another in a run of “biggest year ever” is winding down at Regional Access. We still have two months left to introduce you to great new suppliers, new offerings from some of our long time stalwarts, and some classic items that we just love. We suggest keeping your eyes and ears peeled right on through to 2017. We plan on doing one more round of introductions and special sales in early December and we want to hear from our customers if you have any special requests. For now embrace your sweet tooth, revel in rich grass-fed butter, perfect fruitcakes, fresh local lamb, exquisite imported cheese, and maybe even add a little “extra” to your eggnog. The holidays are here, and we want to help you get ready.

– The Team at Regional Access

Holiday 2016 New Products and Promotions from RA

See selected features below and be sure to click the PDF link to see it all!

Ode to Cheese: Chaseholm Farm Creamery does it right. From animal welfare to mission, to the people that make it work. And the cheese remains a favorite year after year. Check out the new “Nimbus” triple creme!

Nothin’ Better: New peanut butter macaroons from Emmy’s Organics + ask about a new single serving SKU for you grab a cookie and run types.

Sweet NYS Syrup: Granulated maple sugar available in bulk and retail bags, plus plastic quart jugs and glass bottles of syrup. Walling’s Maple Syrup is our “house” maple syrup, make it yours too.

Holiday 2016 New Products and Promotions from RA

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