January 2014 Promotions and New Products

Valid for all orders placed from 01/03/14 to 02/03/14.

January catch up time! With all the craziness and excitement from a holiday season that seems to stretch from Halloween to New Years these days, we wanted to use January to make sure you are caught up on some new products that we added in the 4th Quarter last year. God’s Country Creamery has been available for a few weeks now, and the 2013 Kosher certified production of New York Finger Lakes region grown¬†Glendale Farm’s ¬†grape juice has just arrived. And if you would just bear with me for a minute: SNAPPY GINGERS. I know, I know… what on earth is a “Snappy Ginger”? Well its the ginger snap that puts all others to shame. Made by Torn Ranch in Petaluma, CA these are the cookies that every single cup of coffee and tea you drink this year needs for an accompaniment. Im serious, they are that good. And we have them in 5# boxes for maximum value for your customers, and maximum margin for your bottom line. In the interest of brevity, you will have to see all the other cool stuff yourself via the PDF below. We will talk to you soon, but in the meantime a happy new year from the crew at Regional Access.

Here is a lower resolution version for easy downloading. If you want a printed copy in all its glory just alert your sales rep.

January 2014 Promotions and New Products, web version

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