Kuyahoora Crème Spreadable Farmhouse Cheese from Jones Family Farm

We have another awesome New York State product lined up on the tee for you! The Jones family is raising all-natural pastured poultry, eggs, goat cheese, lamb and goat meat in the Mohawk River Valley. Leveraging their love of cheese making and cow’s milk from a neighboring farm, they are now thrilled to be offering a spreadable cheese through Regional Access.Very similar in style to a cream cheese but made with whole milk, this is what your bagel needs. We have decided to offer it in three sizes: 30#, 10# and 2#. You also get great looking shelf talkers with every block so you can repack it in your cold case. This awesome product is available for delivery starting 03/19/12 so ask your sales rep today.

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Jesse Wysong

Jesse Wysong

Communications Director at Regional Access, Inc.
Communications Director, database hound, order enter-er, IT department, occasional warehouse worker, support specialist, and general jack of all trades at Regional Access. Try and stump me.