June 2015 New Products and Promotions

We love the smell of unique new products in the morning… And this week we have two new ones that you can be excited about too. All credit goes to Karen Freer of Free Bread for making our first new offering happen. Her samples arrived and sat around in our break room freezer for a while and we looked at them with general disinterest… “Oh another gluten free bread, yipee”. And then someone tried them. And then another, and then another and then suddenly word went out that “You have to try this bread”. Cut to later in the afternoon and our office staff were fighting for the scraps. The retail packaging and pack sizes are great and we are offering food service packs as well so our restaurant and deli customers don’t feel left out. We know freezer space for gluten free items is at a premium but if you trust us on this one you won’t be disappointed.

Our second new vendor is Zesa Raw which came to fruition through the tireless work of Michelle Jean, a first generation Haitian-American who’s best described as a “serial entrepreneur and hospitality veteran.” Every product that results from her work is one that is transparently sourced, fairly traded, sustainably harvested, and brought to market with the single minded goal of supporting farmers and growers throughout the Caribbean, Latin America and elsewhere. We are launching first with three unique sugar cane products: a hand milled unrefined “Rapadou” granulated sugar, beautiful formed “truffles” that beg to be dissolved in your morning coffee or tea, and a rich syrup that can be used as a dessert topping or baking ingredient. All are Non-GMO, Organic, Kosher, Fair Trade Certified… and absolutely delicious.

As far as sales, there is a bunch and I have a feeling most folks have already clicked through anyway… if you are still with us thank you and go ahead and click the link below.

– The Crew at Regional Access

June 2015 New Products and Promotions, low res

All promotional offers valid for orders placed 05/29/15 to 07/01/15.

Fresh Produce

Our ever expanded local produce offerings are limited and are sold on a first come first served basis. You can ask to receive weekly emails detailing that weeks offerings. Our farming partners all practice sustainable, chemical-free agriculture; many are certified organic. For more information about fresh produce, contact Mark Baumann via email.

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