Kriemhild butter is back in stock!

After a long winter waiting for the cows to return to pasture it has finally arrived. 8oz packs for retail, and 5# tubs for all your food prep and deli needs. What makes this butter better? “Meadow Butter is made in small batches at our local creamery that’s been in our community for over 100 years. Our butter is made only during the growing season when the cows diet is at least 40% grass, of which is often surpassed to 50%-60% grass based. You’ll see a range of color from a bright gold in the spring to a pale yellow in the fall. We use a bit more sweet cream (85% butter fat) to get a richer, more flavorful butter. We do not add any other ingredients other than sweet cream from our grass fed milk and salt (except for the unsalted, of course!).” Click through to read about the happy cows….

About our cows
We are a seasonal dairy, milking only in rhythm with the cows natural processes. Once the growing season begins, our girls get fresh pasture twice per day, with the younger ones moving once every three days. Our cows receive a primarily grass based diet which means fresh grass during the grazing season and haylage and baylage (fermented
grass) during the colder months. We do supplement with some grain and minerals on an as needed basis. We believe that exercise and fresh air are the way to happier, healthier cows. That’s right, we said it, we have happy cows in Madison County, NY! We have a mix breed herd with an Ayrshire/Jersey base. We are not focused on volume when it comes to our dairy, we’re focused on quality of milk and quality of animal

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