May 2015 New Products and Promotions

Bacon, bacon, bacon! Regional now has an exclusive on distributing a great new Hudson Valley made bacon from Jack Peele and JACüTERIE. Stock up, we want to carry his sausages too and supporting this beautifully packaged bacon with shelf space in your case or a feature on your menu will make it happen. The retail labels are best in class to to get your customers buying it on first sight. Trust us the taste will bring them back again and again. As promised we now are carrying the NYS cold pressed squash oils from Stonybrook Oils. The butternut squash seed oil has a really high smoke point making it a great choice for summer grilling and the delicate flavor and lower smoke point offered by the pumpkin means its waiting to finish fish and make a quick vinaigrette. We are also doubling down and stocking up on Lucki 7 pork. Timely access to cut to order pastured whole animals is a great opportunity for you to talk to your sales rep about and work on a program. What do you want cut? When? When do you want it to arrive? This is a unique relationship and opportunity that we encourage all of our restaurant and retail customers to take advantage of. Birds are chirping and its Friday afternoon here in Ithaca, NY so no need to go on and on… Did you hear Ommegang finally caved and is making an IPA? We sure did.

Take a quick spin through the PDF and we will talk to you soon.

May 2015 New Products and Promotions, low res

– The Crew at Regional Access

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