National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Its finally here, the day we have all been anxiously awaiting, its…national eat your vegetables day?

ok, maybe it hasn’t been marked on your calendar, but we are hoping to change all that. We are very fortunate to be able to partner with some of the best farms in the region to bring a variety of fresh seasonal vegetables to the masses. We have a hand picked produce list which is updated weekly to reflect the most recent harvest. Click here to check out our list of current offerings.

We are strong advocates of a healthy lifestyle, and with the abundance of fresh local produce available it has never been easier. So join us in celebrating national eat your vegetables day! (and if you finish your veggies we will let you have dessert)

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Tony Muraca

Tony Muraca

IT guy, graphic designer, marketer, driver, are just some of the hats he wears here at Regional Access. A lifetime spent in the food service industry, a bachelors degree in business economics, a hiatus to travel the country in an RV, it seems like a circuitous route, but his shared love of all things food has finally led him here.
Tony Muraca

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