New York, Regional Access here. The Piggery has landed.


The Piggery is a family of small, New York farms proudly raising heritage breed hogs and turkeys on sustainably managed pastures. Their meats are lovingly handcrafted in their farm’s family butcher shop to produce pastured pork and turkey that is delicious and convenient for their awesome customers!

“So I can’t help but be more-than-a-little giddy about this one…back in the early days when the Piggery was first setting up shop in Trumansburg, Brad & Heather were talking about this very day with Gary, who was simply head over heels in love with what they stood for and how they were talking about and making food.  I mean, we have been waiting…and folks, the day is finally upon us: Piggery charcuterie, lunch meats and portion cuts from pastured NYS pork, packed beautifully, USDA certified and really, truly tasty.  From a guy who’s retirement dream is to open an amazing sandwich shop… this is the goods.”

– Dana Stafford at Regional Access

Here is a PDF with retail launch info… we suggest right clicking and downloading it:

Piggery Soft Launch Info

LOTS MORE cuts, sausages, and other retail awesomeness coming soon. And if you are food service customer we haven’t forgotten you, virtually every product is also available in food service packs and a full slate of launch info for restaurants is coming soon. Call or email your sales rep for info.

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