Now offering Pittsford Farms Dairy Milk

We have been on the hunt for a reliable and local milk producer who still offers a glass bottle option. Our long time customer and Rochester area institution Pittsford Farm Dairy has come through for us! The milk does have to be pre-ordered, but we are picking up at the farm twice a week so all our customers get the freshest product possible. Just give your sales rep a ring, and they can walk you through the deadlines for your delivery day.

Pittsford Farms Dairy, Full Line Feature

Pittsford Farms Dairy products have been enjoyed in homes and fine restaurants for more than a century. Today, we continue to vat-pasteurize to preserve the natural sweetness of our fresh milk and cream. This traditional method, which heats milk gently, takes more time and attention. But the exceptional flavor makes the extra effort worthwhile. Founded in 1888, Pittsford Farms Dairy continues to be a family owned and run business with a strong focus on producing high quality products. The new building which includes a retail store, a state of the art processing plant, ice cream parlor and bakery has become a local destination in Pittsford, New York. A viewing window allows the visitors to see the milk being bottled in glass bottles and ice cream being made by hand in small batches, the old fashioned way.

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