October 2016 New Products and Promotions

All promotional offers are valid for orders placed through 10/28/16. 

Hello from Ithaca! A long hot summer seems to have come to a screeching halt and leaves have started to flutter down during increasingly cool evenings. Don’t despair, there is more to fall than beautiful trees and whiskey…. There is chili! And seasonal sausages, warm soups, new products, and world class cheese. And thats just the start. Hopefully you have gotten a sample of Yorgo’s Foods taboule salad? We might have one more sample left if you ask.

You will notice some themes drifting in and out of this months promos. Usually left unsaid but understood… It’s what Regional is all about. Ingredients, quality, authenticity, the people who work here, and you. When it all comes together great food is right behind. Here’s to a creative and inspiring fall for all our chefs and retailers across the northeast. We love you!

– The Team at Regional Access

October 2016 New Products and Promotions, web version

We are always on the lookout for new unique offerings that the big guys just don’t have. Now you have a chance to try our latest discovery, Yorgos Food’s! We instantly fell in love with the taboule salad, and know you will love it too. To make sure you buy some it’s 25% off all month long. 

Carefully selected, the finest cheese Switzerland has to offer. Pre-book 1/8 wheels now, stock arriving soon. Only the best cheeses wear the Gourmino badge. In a natural and perfect climatic environment, cheeses are cared for lovingly with great expertise in the months in which each develops its unique character.

We could not think of a better time for a soup deal than fall. Pika Roels has been making fantastic soups in the Hudson River Valley for years using family recipes of inspiration. Her Belgian style liège waffles are on sale too.

October 2016 New Products and Promotions, web version

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