Employee Built, Customer Centered

Since being founded by Gary Redmond in 1989 Regional Access’s staff changed and grew often over the years employing more than 125 different people over our 25 year history, but it always gelled. Regional Access has stayed a special place to work by fostering a team mentality and encouraging us as part of a bigger vision. Many of us have been here since the early days. We all remember days when the warehouse temperature barely rose above freezing; only the fittest survived, but we loved it and many of us are still here today. Often then, as now, we delivered products on our way to work or home for customers in a pinch.  “Are you going to Ithaca, Watkins Glen, Buffalo?  Can you drop this order off?” A long time employee recalled one winter night driving to Buffalo to get products off a truck to deliver to a customer first thing in the morning in Corning.  “This was not unusual; we have all done it.  It is what we do. It is what we’re all about.”


In 1989 Gary Redmond and his wife Daisy invested $20,000 of their own money and converted a spare bedroom in their Ithaca home into an office.  Their garage was soon a tiny warehouse and when they bought a small refrigerated truck Regional Access was born. For two decades Gary loaded grabbed cases, wrapped pallets, drove trucks, scoured the northeast for products he loved, and was the go to guy for any type of culinary advice right up until the day he passed away in 2011. Gary’s legacy is an unflinching desire to support his employees, his friends, his partners, and anyone who shared his love for great food. It was a pleasure to work for him and an honor to be tasked with being the keepers of his life’s work at Regional Access.


General Manager and President

Taking on the role of Atlas more days than not, Dana Stafford has been intimately involved with every facet of our day to day business over the last decade and takes point on everything at Regional.






Front Office and Freight Department Staff

Financial/HR: Anna Redmond

Sales: Ellen Stechman, Rob Farrell, Avi Miner

Freight and Operations: Mark Baumann, Zach Thomas

Order Processing: Dan Lashkoff

Purchasing and Warehouse Operations

If you ever wondered what a 1 year old Spanish sheep’s milk cheese looked like this is the crew that can find a Manchego in their sleep. And with shifts running from 5am – 1am so our customers get what they need on time, they just might have to!

Purchasing: Chris Predmore, Asa Redmond, Joe Cronk

Warehouse Operations: Graham Andrews,  Nat Ritter, Phil Libraro, Chris Everson, Wiley Broadwell, Roberto Cuaz, Javon Evans, Josh White

Traffic Department

With decades of combined driving experience, our drivers go to great lengths to keep on schedule, and are often the most well known friendly face to our distant customers.

Jay Reville, Wayne James, Troy Evans, Michael Boyd, Victor Castillo,  Arin Volpi, Joe Ahouse, Tony Muraca