Regional Access cheese at a special tasting at Hartwick College

We love hearing about our food showing up all over the state and promoting NYS agriculture! On February 2nd, A class at Hartwick College called “BIOL/ECON 150 Microbes, Markets & Foods” put on a cheese tasting and exhibition at Hartwick College with the support of Tom’s Natural Foods, Brewery Ommegang, Brovetto’s Dairy and Palatine Valley Dairy. The students also had a chance to do some farm visits, and meet some of the producers face to face. Looks like fun, even though it wasn’t the warmest day!

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Jesse Wysong

Jesse Wysong

Communications Director at Regional Access, Inc.
Communications Director, database hound, order enter-er, IT department, occasional warehouse worker, support specialist, and general jack of all trades at Regional Access. Try and stump me.