September 2016 New Products and Promotions

All promotional offers are valid for orders placed through 09/30/16

September 2016 New Products and Promotions, web version

Hello from Ithaca! We have spent the last few weeks marveling at how much hard work is going into farming in upstate New York, and enjoying the fruits of our farm suppliers labor. Its that season where we are oging to start seeing everything from apples to yellow squash (and everything in between). One of our annual favorites are the heirloom apples from Black Diamond Farm. Its been years since any of us were satisfied with a mealy Washington grown red delicious, or an imported gala apple. Now we look forward top the arrival of Holstien Cox, Pixie Crunch, and Cox’s Orange Pippin among dozens of other standout varieties.

Outside of the produce section we want to swing your eyes towards bulk with some NYS grown organic grains including varieties of freekeh and an EDLP on red fife.

Over in grocery we are thinking back to school sales with Red Jacket jams, Once Again nut butters, and sliced deli meats from The Piggery.

For all the grown up palates out there we have Sasso chickens that have been raised on an upstate New York Amish farm. Get with your sales rep and figure out what amazing way you can use them on your menu. We have single birds available to experiment with, and full cases at a lower price once you hit your stride. Whats a “sasso” chicken you might ask? We are glad you asked.

See the rest of this months flavors and deals by clicking the link below.

September 2016 New Products and Promotions, web version

– The Team at Regional Access

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