Another New Signature Cheese from Lively Run Dairy

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Mention the code below to your sales rep (via email, phone, or fax) and get an additional discount off a brand new aged goat cheese from Lively Run Dairy. Finger Lakes Gold is a hard cheese made from pasteurized goat’s milk cheese. Aged for at least three months, it is characterized by a beautiful yellow-gold rind and a white, firm but creamy paste. Finger Lakes Gold is both milky and nutty, a mellow cheese that is perfectly at home on a cheeseboard as well as the kitchen. It’s a wonderful cheese we are eager for you to try, and you can only get it from Regional Access. And whats even better is we will have both a 6 month and a special extra aged “Reserve” edition of this great cheese coming on line soon.


Finger Lakes Gold, 3-6 month,  ~8#   $/#
Code# LR601
Regular price is $13.99/lb and it’s only $12.99/lb with the special promo code.

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