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Mention the code below to your sales rep (via email, phone, or fax) and get 10% off your order on organic freekah from Cayuga Pure Organics. Valid for all orders placed though 11/22/13.


Freekeh, Rstd. Green Spelt Berries, NYS Organic   25#
Code# CP0020
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Our Freekeh is roasted green spelt berries which is harvested when it is still immature and slow roasted over coals in the hull, concentrating the flavors and the freshness. As the story goes Freekeh was created in the Middle East when warring forces set fire to the village spelt fields still too green for harvest. Instead of lamenting their loss, the villagers tried the “roasted” spelt and Freekeh was discovered! Like the spelt from which it comes Freekeh is an ancient grain, which is today experiencing a renaissance as a new “superfood”.  Regaled for its nutritional value and healthfulness, Freekeh is an excellent source of fiber, zinc and iron, as well as a good vegetarian source of protein. We like it for all these reasons, and because it’s incredibly versatile, delicious in pilafs, soups, salads,