Stonewood Farm Thanksgiving Turkeys

It’s turkey time… Regional Access will again be offering our favorite Stonewood Farm turkeys for 2015. We have retained our simplified pricing tiers from last year and maintained an order minimum of 6 turkeys. Ask your sales rep for free posters and pamphlets from Stonewood Farms to display in your store leading up to the holiday. Your customers need to know what we have been telling people for years:

Bargin bin industrial grade turkeys from big box grocery stores can never compare to a fresh humanely raised Vermont turkey from our friends at Stonewood Farm!

Here’s to a successful Thanksgiving! COD customers may be required to submit a deposit. Our customers with credit terms are exempt from this requirement so please reach out to Anna at 607-319-5150 extension #14 if you have any questions.

All orders are due by 5pm on Friday November 6th. Deliveries begin Monday November 16th.

Stonewood Thanksgiving Turkey Order Form PDF, 2015

Code Description and Estimated Weight 6-24 Turkeys 25-50 Turkeys 50+ Turkeys 100+ Turkeys
SF245 Turkey, Whole, Fresh, ~12-16# $3.69 $3.59 $3.45 $3.29
SF250 Turkey, Whole, Fresh  ~16-20# $3.69 $3.59 $3.45 $3.29
SF260 Turkey, Whole, Fresh, ~20-24# $3.69 $3.59 $3.45 $3.29
SF300 Turkey, Whole, Fresh  ~24-26# $3.69 $3.59 $3.45 $3.29
SF310 Turkey, Whole, Fresh, ~26-28# $3.69 $3.59 $3.45 $3.29
SF320 Turkey, Whole, Fresh  ~28-30# $3.69 $3.59 $3.45 $3.29
SF330 Turkey, Whole, Fresh  ~30-32# $3.69 $3.59 $3.45 $3.29

What makes Vermont raised Stonewood Turkeys the prefered turkey for Regional Access?

  • All-Natural Turkeys.
    • No hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products are added to their feed.
    • Our Premium quality turkey has superior flavor and juiciness.
    • The slow growth of the turkeys ensure a delicious and naturally self-basting turkey.
  • Humane Care and Humanely Harvested
    • “Just plenty of Vermont air, cold nights, good feed and tender loving care on our family farm” — Paul Stone (Grandpa Stone).
    • A USDA processing plant is located at our farm and operated by our family. All turkeys are individually hand graded to ensure the highest quality.
    • Un-crowded and open-sided barns providing lots of fresh air & natural sunlight.


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