The spring return of Black Pearl Creamery

A small sheep dairy just outside Ithaca, NY

Black Pearl Creamery raises their East Friesian sheep with great care and affection to ensure the health and happiness of the animals and their production of fresh, high quality milk. The flock is 100% grass-fed on pasture and hay. The ewes are milked seasonally when they are on pasture to produce a rich, creamy milk which is processed by hand in small batches of yogurt.

We LOVED LOVED LOVED this product last year and its even better this year! The jars now have bar codes, and Black Pearl Creamery has earned their NOFA-NY Farmers Pledge badge due to their responsible and sustainable farm practices. And finally Black Pearl Creamery is now offering a food service bucket for all their fans in restaurants. What are you using it for? We would love to hear from you.

Check them out onlineĀ and place your order for their yogurt today.

– The Team at Regional Access


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