Why we (everyone) loves Farmer Ground

Hey all you bakers out there… After an email correspondence with a dedicated home baker I thought I would pass along the final response from Greg Mol, miller at Farmer Ground Flour:

Hey Dave,

We do have a fair amount of communication with “real” bakers, although I wouldn’t say that their opinions are necessarily more important.  The baking world seems to be changing, but a big part of that is people developing their own experiences with what quality means in bread.  Our home baker customers are just as important as our celebrity chef customers– and I actually think there’s more longevity with folks like yourself.  My dream is that the values you’re talking about in bread baking will eventually seep into commercial baking.

So, thanks.  I attribute a large part of what you’re experiencing to freshness– so having a tight distribution chain (thanks Regional) is part of the equation also.  Freshness is important for flavor, but also biological activity, which I think matters more in baking now that natural starters are becoming more popular.

keep up the good work,


All of us at Regional Access share Greg’s sentiments and encourage you to stock and use all of the Farmer Ground offerings.

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