Berle Farm Yogurt back in stock!

Berle Farm Yogurt is back!

The weather is turning and that means one of our favorite products is back in stock. Berle Farm yogurt is a European style yogurt made from cow’s milk, that is smooth, light, and creamy and packed in beautiful 32 ounce jars. They will be available for delivery beginning monday 3/22, so place your pre-order today by heading here.

A little about the farm:

“Berle Farm is in Hoosick NY where we farm for the nourishment of our region. We have been certified organic since 1997. We work for the health of our soil, animals, trees and wildlife and are thankful for the products we obtain through farming. We milk fifteen cows and produce yogurt and aged raw milk cheeses. We put an abundance of care and attention into the flavor and quality of our products. The food from Berle Farm reflects the love and stewardship of open land and agriculture.

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Tony Muraca

Tony Muraca

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