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Grass-fed Artisan Cheeses from East Hill Creamery Perry, NY

We know what you’re thinking, French alpine style cheese in WNY? – We know, we know, but no one ever said we didn’t like a challenge. We believe that great cheese starts with great milk- and at East Hill Creamery that means raw milk from our grass fed, pasture raised cows. What started as a small family owned and operated dairy farm (100 acres and 18 cows) has evolved and expanded over the years (35 to be exact!) to include 700 cows and around 1000 acres, and now -Cheese! If great cheese starts with great milk, great milk comes from happy cows. Pasture raised, grass fed cows that are allowed to roam, picking and choosing from a variety of grasses and herbs. Raw milk from a grass fed cow has a depth of flavor or “terroir” that cannot be duplicated. East Hill Creamery has taken the ideal of traditional farmstead cheese and elevated it.


Here are our favorites!

Silver Lake

Available in ~7# wheels, and 6/8oz retail vac packs. 

Gruyere-style cave-aged, grass-fed, raw cow’s milk named after a lake close to the creamery and weighing in at 60 pounds a wheel, Silver Lake is the staff favorite. In younger wheels you will find notes of hazelnuts, brown butter, and cooked milk. As Silver Lake ages, it takes on savory, onion-y notes. This cheese is a fantastic melter and makes a particularly delicious Croque Monsieur.


Available in ~6# wheels, and 6/8oz retail vac packs. 

Raclette-style cave-aged, grass-fed, raw cow’s milk named after the subterranean path we build for our cows to travel between grazing pastures, Underpass is picked from the caves when still young. It has a creamy mouthfeel and a mild, grassy flavor. Underpass is a fantastic melter.



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