Happy New Year!

As we reflect on this tumultuous, crazy, stressful and for many, tragic year, we want to acknowledge the strength and character of all the many businesses, suppliers, community leaders and our own staff. While the challenges have been great, the center still holds—our humanity, our collective strength, our vision for a path forward. Our hats are off to you—the re-inventers, the knuckle-down, keep-on-keeping on’ers…the find-a-new-way-when-the-old-way-is broken-ers–we are grateful for the opportunity to work with, and for you all. We too, are eager to push in new directions in this coming year and to continue to champion a quality, accessible livelihood for all.

Wishing all a very happy, healthy and safe New Year!

Please note our offices will be closed on Jan. 1 in celebration and observance of the passing of 2020.

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Tony Muraca

Tony Muraca

IT guy, graphic designer, marketer, driver, are just some of the hats he wears here at Regional Access. A lifetime spent in the food service industry, a bachelors degree in business economics, a hiatus to travel the country in an RV, it seems like a circuitous route, but his shared love of all things food has finally led him here.
Tony Muraca

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