Introducing Early Bird Farms

Early Bird gets the…organic eggs? For a limited time we are offering a sale on organic eggs from our newest farming partner: Early Bird Farming Cooperative.

These days, unfortunately, the US has trended towards larger and larger industrialized farms, and Early Bird is trying to help swing the pendulum back. They protect the environment by employing all natural, organic agricultural practices and prioritizing farms that use little to no mechanization in their operations.

Each farm is family owned and family run and each is a member – owner (they won’t be launching one owner into space anytime soon). Their farmers promote and encourage the utilization of food with superior quality and taste. Offering the health benefits of organic and non-GMO foods and focusing on the sustainability of the family farm and maintaining good stewardship of the land. All member’s hens are pastured raised in the most humane manner possible.

Head here to get your savings on organic eggs today!

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Tony Muraca

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