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There was something strangely alluring about multi-colored eggs this time of year…which led us to our newest partner: M&M Eggs, “a freshly hatched company”. This year we decided to cut out those pesky bunnies and head directly to the source.

M&M Eggs is named after owners Matt & Michele, but also because each of their 12 different breeds provide them with a different, beautifully colored egg. Looking at a dozen of their fresh eating eggs is just like looking at a bowl of multicolored candies! They have managed to accomplish this with specialty birds, selective breeding, and the power of genetics. The taste profile remains the same.

Located on 50 acres Upstate in rural Massena, NY, M&M Eggs provides a whole flock of products for both the poultry farmer and consumer. After beginning as a small family hobby farm, they have provided fresh eating eggs, hatching eggs, straight-run chicks and started pullets throughout the local community in St. Lawrence County since 2014. Their birds are high-quality heritage and specialty breeds, including their personal project breeds that are National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) certified. All of their birds are given as much free range as possible, and raised completely cage free.

Full disclosure: what really led us to M&M was their Peking Ducks. Photo says it all. Skin that crisps perfectly, great fat content, makes for a juicy and tender duck. A true show stopper! Also look for us to add their Cornish-cross whole chickens, Embred whole geese and a pre-order program for their Heritage Bourbon red turkeys. We hope you’ll join us in embracing their small family farm and commitment to animal-husbandry.

All M&M products are now available at our store, head to here for Peking duck, or here for multi-colored eggs. You can also email orders@regionalaccess.net to place an order today!

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