We knew it was good…

Congratulations to Michael Spycher of Gourmino Affinage and Selection, for claiming first prize for his Le Gruyère AOP at the World Championship Cheese contest. 3,667 cheese, butter, yogurt, and dry dairy products were entered to compete in the biennial contest which took place in Madison, Wisconsin this year.

Swiss cheese maker Michael Spycher not only won for the Gruyère category, but took home overall world champion with a score of 98.81 (seriously, what judge found a flaw?). With its subtle and sophisticated taste, Le Gruyère AOP is very popular all around the globe. Produced since at least 1115 in the region surrounding the small town of Gruyère, Switzerland (seems like an unfair advantage), it is still made today in village cheese dairies according to the traditional recipe.

A Gruyère cheese must stay for the first 3 months in a Gruyère dairy. After the first 3-affinage months, the cheeses are cared for by Gourmino up to 24 months in the mountain. The cheesemakers and owners of Gourmino decided in 2017 to transform a former ammunition bunker to a cheese cave. Since 2018, they have affined there, under the best and natural climatic conditions, Le Gruyère and Emmentaler as well as other cheese specialties.

Gourmino had success in several other categories as well, and we are lucky to be able to carry a few of these offerings. There will be an increased demand for this cheese and if you would like to get your hands on some, you can find it in our online store here.

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